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tv   [untitled]    June 5, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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made of up people around the other groups from the residents associations. excelsior action groups and we are actually rather engaged with a lot of them. i mentioned the heights center with the safety walks. we came out and posted flyers in cars where people's cars were getting broken into and someone said last night i saw someone breaking into a neighbors car. he said i didn't call, it wasn't my car. we've added that to the newsletter, that it doesn't have to be your property to report a crime. if the stats go up for calls and service, i'm okay with that as long as we are catching the right people. we also did a youth summit which is a great chance for the youth in the officer to be involved with
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officer. here at school we did a presentation and skit where the officers and children acted out a different role with the police contact and they got to see each other's point of view which was great and they got to see a dialogue. and there was a regular meeting leading up to it that the officers attended when they were here and we had a community congress where they brought in neighbors from all the areas and we talked about concerns they had and one was the youth summit and how to improve it and the public housing working group that i see there and we see representative here from the working house are working group and we get together to talk about what's going on in their development and safety concerns they have and a lot of it has to do with environmental things f we can get a gate here or service here. the one of the bottom rights, the last one i
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will mention is neighborhood watch. there are numerous neighborhood watch groups in the district. there are several thousand more eyes and ears paying attention to what's going on. i have gone to six new neighborhood groups and they form. they a safe meeting. i usually go to those to throw my support. it's 5,000 more people calling 9-1-1 when something is going on. the last thing is the alert program, the response team. if the fire department can do it, the police department can do it better. they have a response team where they train you to perform certain functions after a natural disaster. they have a response team that you can come and help us to directing
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traffic, reporting damage, and animal control. if i'm buying a dog, so somebody comes looking for me. then the city agencies and resources. we work with a lot of people in city government. i have to say there have been some really great success stories out of this. if there is a violent act in the district, we'll meet with the criminal justice. we have a street violence reduction team meeting where we talk about all the different city's services to address the problems with the victims and their families and there are 5 officers that discuss the ingleside, police officers, dch and parks and recreation and ingleside and rekolg to talk about recycling
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and it's really good to have them there. this is ingleside station 2013. this was taken last friday. we had a little lunch. the sergeant standing in the middle is sergeant who is retiring after 30 years in the department. that was all of us getting together. that's basically my presentation. i'm going to step away from the microphone. [ applause ] >> thank you very much captain falvey for your presentation. sometimes the power points are much longer. thank you very much. commissioners, sometimes commissioners have questions
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for the captain, but if they do we can usually wait until after the public comment. okay? >> it's now time for public comments. please call them. >> public comment. the public is now welcome to address the commission regarding items that do not appear on tonight's agenda. speaker shall address their remarks to the commission as a whole and not the individual commissioners and department personnel. in during public comment, nor personnel nor commissioners are required to respond to questions but may provide a brief response. occ personnel should refrain from entering into debate -- or discussions. please limit your comments to 3 minutes. >> how are you? thanks for telling me about the koi pond.
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president mazzucco and commissioners, director hicks. the public. and my captain, falvey who is my coach here of my advisory report. i have never seen him non-animated since i have been working with him. he's a great person. last time were you out in our district, we were at our lady of visitation when we are were losing captain mahoney for medical leave and we were in transition and i know tim from when he was the commissioner secretary. i just have to tell you that as cochair of this c pad in this year, captain falvey and i we talk almost every single day. and if not, everyday, every other day or
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three times a day regarding issues that happen in good conversations that happened in our district. i cannot think of a better captain to have at ingleside. one of the first things that captain falvey said to me when he first got here and he came here from the airport where they had no community meetings and he looked at the list and we had, oh, my god! do i have to go to all of these meetings? and he does and i would just say he's very communicative and relies on information from the public and gives information to the public when needed. i'm very proud of our c pad and looking for more people to put on our c pad so we can have the whole
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district represented regarding issues that we deal with. it's informational issues, sort of like what happened in the articles that cw mentioned yesterday about breaking of the cell phones. that's a big issue that we've been dealing with. we tried to get public information out, educational information like the captain showed you that we need the public to know that you have to put those electronic equipment away when you are on munis, by the balboa bart station. the ears are a dead give a with an especially around the city college. we need more public education. the last thing i want to mention to you is that this year is our -- i'm going to say is our third outing of national night out. we've
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always had it at ingleside police station. three years ago we had it at the park. i have invited as part of the budget for people in the last humans right, the last luncheon he went to, he is looking at this trooip and he said do i really need to eat this. i said just the pretend and fold it up and stick it in your pocket. this year, our third year that the cpath is duce -- is doing this is going to be at the park on improvement club between 530-8:00. i invite you. the chief has been invited, the mayor has been invited. if you have a chance, please stop by. it's a great time and we get to meet the merchants and residents of our neighborhood.
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>> next speaker. next time i will go and interpret you. >> ladies and gentlemen and medications of the commission, good evening. for the record my name is lorenzo. i have attended many meetings in the past. tonight, the commanding officer for the district on ingleside was so well prepared for this speech which is more qualified as i can imagine for the previous job he had which is working for the commission. very briefly, i want to say that you did a very well prepared speech. i'm not here to speak about that. hold on one moment. i'm talking about
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the golden state rules. the police department, i don't know if you missed that, you can still get tickets to the game. it's going to be well received by the community and the city of san francisco. anybody who wants a ticket i'm going to leave three flyers on the desk. pick up one. i'm going to hold my negative comments for the next meeting. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> that game is the wheelchair of road warriors that is coming. you might be interested in that. >> thank you. to the commissioners and the public and chief and to my captain, thank you.
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>> nice to live in a city where a police department really cares about it's residents. captain falvey thank you so much for being part of our working group. my name is karen hug ins. captain falvey is always available for us. he's trying to help us with the gates problem. chief, you are a community police sir. i just love you to death. i don't know what else to say. we are so happy to have you. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good evening, commissioners and chief. i live in the excels
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yor, i work with the center, we have a hub in the community center. we've been working and doing all of our public safety work in the bernal heights and excels yoer. i know he mentioned the safety walks we are putting together along with officers have been working tirelessly with the youth department in trying to make sure there is a dialogue that happens between youth and police and ensuring that police relationships are built and they are understand each other in some ways and they have worked really tremendously. we had our 5th summit here on may 3rd. it was really successful. i think the youth best exemplify that it works because they say, hey, i met officer
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down mission street and i'm glad they are able to work with us. that exemplifies our community police. i want to make a couple of recommendations that we have been working with the youth and chief i'm sure you know that the recommendation which is one, police training and distribution of the know your rights pamphlet and 3, the student school resource officer. mou. i kind of want to touch up on that to ensure that it's moving. we did a commission hearing with the supervisor and the community wants to know because for example, you want to make sure that we are included in some of the process and community input is there and i want to focus on
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the sro. i'm looking at the bart and gates that sometimes when i'm in high school it feels like i'm in prison. yes don't we run the risk of making it feel even more like a prison. we have to remember that it great to have resource officers but our schools are not prisons. police should be in school to allow kids to be safe. we need to ensure that there is on going proper training for police officers and education and resource to do all that is expected of them so the youth also need to be educated. for example their rights. so the question is how will we measure that students are feeling safe and not threatened. it's not about the youth being arrested but the youth to feel safe. so, how
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will organizations be involved. everyone has to have a say in the process to make this work. if this is done right we have a further relationship between youth and the police to safer schools. i ask all of you in the community and my captain that we come together, acknowledge that police are part of the equation, butten insuring that youth are also part of the solution and youth educators create mutual accountability rather than barriers. i hope that helps a little bit. thank you. >> thank you very much. [ applause ] >> hello, i work at the center. i want to talk about the police and the public housing which
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are doing a really really good job as far as being engaged with the communities that they work with because they know the residents and they have open communication and trust. and you can know the difference because i'm pretty sure if you send officers outside of the district that are not public housing officers they wouldn't get the same response. working development because there is a trust that has been built there and a lot of the meetings that we go there captain falvey emphasize that people don't call the police, but in communities like that where it's really looked down on, there should be some kind of legislation where the rights of the people that are giving the information are protected and the, i guess the identities of the people someway that you guys are able to i guess
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mediate situation so people that are willing to give information to you guys are protected because a lot of times they can be the difference in some cases where you might be taking someone who is not guilty of a crime and somebody knows that but they are not going to say anything because they are scared of what the repercussions are on the street. that's important to get another training to where information can be obtained someway from these people with being able to protect their identification because it's really hard for people in the communities especially i grew up here, they get killed. so it's hard to deal with. the police are doing a fantastic job. also, for -- i have always thought about this because i have watched a lot of police shows and i know a lot of stuff
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gets seized from drug dealers and things like that and just knowing that there are communities where they have a lot of public schools like this one where the schools are built bike the pta's. i went to really good schools, to claerns and mercy. i know what good schools are like in this community and maybe find some ways to get resources from stuff that is collected and maybe a percentage of stuff should be going back to the community if something was seized from a residential communities maybe you can give it back. that's all i can say. >> [ applause ]
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>> there is anonymous tip lines where you can call. what's the number for that? >> [inaudible] 575-4444 did you hear that? >> okay. i want to say before tom speaks. last time we were here, we had visitation because there were homicides. what we are hearing especially from representative and public housing, we've seen a change. we thank the officers but we have to thank you because that wouldn't have changed without your involvement and the concerned members of the public housing community. i want to thank you, this is a change that we've seen since last year. i think it's worth the comments. thanks everybody who is here to represent us from public housing. you've made a difference. [ applause ]
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>> that change is because you have a new captain. live lip -- leadership starts at the top. this district and where they come out and they know it's free pickens. no offense to captain moser. i know he inherited a ridiculous station. but that station couldn't be any different than this station under this captain, he deserves all the credit he's getting tonight. [ applause ] . >> the left -- needs more accountant and more community activist in the san francisco police department, more quiet, calm, rational, transparent leaders and you will have a better department. that's how you build trust in the police department, is having officers like him in charge and
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promoted. not officers, you know who i mention every time, i won't mention this week. i do have a list. i brought my little handout. you should have a copy. it's a synopsis of the speeches that i mentioned three weeks ago by police chief williams, nickname is tony fer ar in rialto. i can't get a copy of the full thesis but the synopsis is available for you. i encourage you to put cameras on all of your officers especially the ones in the mission station to track what they are up to whatever their shifts are every second they are on shift especially the people in the lgbt community outreach. you know who they are. i have a list here and i
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will go down it. no. 1, chief i was at the march for life in january, and i must tell you, your officers did a splendid job. i felt free to offer my point of view. even that one day, unfortunately we don't get to go into neighborhoods where they don't agree with, but i had a chance to express my point of view. thank you. your officers did a splendid job as they do every year. if anyone has any doubts as to how lawless the mission statement and the people of castro, if you have any questions on your mind as to how contemptuous they are for the law and law in order and freedom in the
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american way, you need look nor further than what they have been doing with the pride parade and the self proclaimed creator of the community leader. i don't know what they are calling him. i guess that's my time. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> commissioners, chief, captain. i'm not here to sing his praises. everybody else has done that. i just want to say that, i'm may wong, president of the district improvement district. the captain shows up.
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we give him what we call bich session. we say control this, control that. i'm just here to say, chief, he's really good at his job. we'd like to keep him here for a little bit. in the past some of our captains have disappeared before we totally trained him. he's part ways there. we want to keep him a little bit longer. one other thing is he is a very hands-on captain. our meeting place is a good 5-6 blocks, long blocks from the police station. there is a park where ingleside sits which is a long stretch. he comes to our meetings. he gets dropped off. he stays and when he leaves, i thought he would
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hop into his car and drive back to the station. but he revealed that he walks and the reason he walks is he wants to get a feel of the neighborhood and on one of those walks going back to the station after our meeting, he encountered a couple of young ladies with their heads down looking at their phones, not looking at traffic, not looking at their surroundings and that's when he pulled out the orange cards and said beware that you can get robbed. so he is very hands-on and we want to keep him for a while. thank you. [ applause ] next speaker? all in favor? >> my name is lucille.
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commissioner, i brought the letter myself. very serious letter of an accident that happened in my house because of the in -- experience of these two police officers. we hold the -- before. i can mention some. captain bruce, captain dloer, captain casino and now we have a great man here. i hope he stays. what happened at times was very serious that letter i sent to you never got answered. now i'm going to pursue it because you should have answers. that was -- i
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have -- it came to my house. i went home and my friend is my witness. he will not let me go inside my house. i say, what is going on? my house, no crime. i'm an honest person. i think he panicked the way i was yelling at him. finally i went in. he said i'm a man to rob. i go to the church of the highland . i i don't care what church he goes. he was supposed to tell me who he was. i wrote that in the letter. you never answered it. i demand that you answer that letter. there are good officers at the ingleside station and i have some of the names here which will not have done what these two officers,
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lady officers did. the best officer chilla, officers perry, dominguez, lava know, nacho, a wonderful man, not in the service anymore. great captain and then another two they have here, malla knows me. i request an answer to that letter. what i'm asking in the letter is i ask the name of the officer that came into my house. i think i have the right to know who came in my house. never answered that. we have a mediation thing with salazar. that was a joke. the biggest
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joke. i refuse to accept what happened there. i met two people. i think it was from your office. they gave me the name of two officers. i don't remember the names. mr. mazzucco, commissioner, i request the name of the officer. it's is not funny. it's serious. they came to my house. i have a lot of respect for the chief, he's one of the greatest man and i hope he stays with us for a long time. as long as he's friend of captain bruce, you are a great man because captain bruce is a good captain. that is my request. i'm sorry that i have to be so rude, but sometimes being rude gets a result.